Logistics, transport and last-mile systems

Novitek targets a Blue Ocean niche market for direct agrifood e-commerce and flexible, low-cost B2B and B2C distribution from local farmers, agro producers/manufacturers and small retailers, bypassing the existing costly and dominating distribution/retail channels.

Currently, there are 3.5 mill e-commerce users in Denmark, which is expected to grow to 3.85 mill by 2021 with a total revenue figure that is expected to reach DKK 44.57 billion by 2021[nordeatrade.com]. The e-food market is rapidly growing and has currently/recently been leapfrogged by the corona crisis. The food sector is the market with highest potential number of consumers (where the whole general public are consumers), underpinning a huge growth potential.

The agro e-food market features: 1) Online B2C and B2B suppliers of high-quality local food products, and deliverers providing delivery services within narrow time window of 0.5-3 hours to ensure fresh products and hassle-free delivery.