Mathematical Modelling

Research and Innovation, and Technology

We conduct innovation and research activities of high international standard in the above areas that is at the forefront with the development of new knowledge and technology-based solutions to the societal challenges of the digital society where communication technologies are a part of every industry, service, and human endeavor.

The research and innovation combines inter-disciplinary activity bridging applications, mathematical modeling, theory, and the associated numerical algorithms and their implementations, i.e. the science of using computers and mathematics to solve problems from science and engineering. Examples of applications are Control and optimization of energy systems, Tomography and imaging, and Computational marine hydrodynamics


We as well develop and prototype solutions / systems within area of data science including the following.   

  • Advanced Statistical Learning
  • Large Scale Optimization
  • Data Visualization
  • Computational Statistics
  • Data-Intensive Systems
  • Finance and FinTech
  • Signal Processing

We also provide consultancy services within machine and deep learning models, and signal and image processing, and other related multimedia applications and content. Together with our university partners,  and technologist institutes, we combine our expertise area covering industrial and applied mathematical statistics, time series analysis and adaptive control systems, multimedia and IT systems, dynamic stochastic systems, fuzzy logic and inference systems,  and AI learning algorithms



Mathematical Modelling