Structural Health Monitoring

We provide structural health monitoring solutions and systems that guarantees the ability for organisations, communities, individuals, platforms, etc to autonomously monitor the structural health, conditions of operational status of equipment, sensors, machinery, systems, etc at their work premises, stations and /or remote locations to enable informed decisions regarding the operation and maintenance and requisite infrastructure of their respective health-state.


Structural health monitoring 

Structural health monitoring related data and other data collection for remote analysis and monitoring of field devices, equipment, machines, etc


Our online web data SHM services forms an important part of our Process Automation Management System and Fog-Edge-Cloud Computing Platforms. It is a web-based data-management and presentation tool for retrieving data from the sensors through gateways of automatic data loggers. The SHM data management software acts as a data collection agent, a database server and a web server hosted on a high-reliability server computer, allowing the periodically collects data from the remote data logger over cell phone networks.


Users interact with the software using their web-browser when connected to the Internet.  Graphs & reports can be viewed using popular web browsers like Microsoft internet explorer or Mozilla Firefox amongst others. Details like sensor identification tag, last recorded sensor reading and values of programmed alert levels can be viewed on the first page of the site that shows the location of installation.


Structural Health Monitoring