Robotic and Autonomous Systems 

The agricultural- and food sector, including the primary production comprises major industries in Europe with outmost importance for the European economy. Advanced digital technologies, including Robotics, AI, and data science are seen to be key enabling for the agricultural sectors to reach European key policy goals on climate, sustainability, biodiversity, energy, health, rural development as described in the European policy priorities on Digital and emerging technologies for competitiveness and fit for the Green Deal.
Novitek is targeting agricultural automation and robotic solutions to enhance our technology presence in all key parts of a greener digital supply chain. Via the selected key use-cases addresses the use of AI, data and robotics technologies in the optimisation of production and services value-chains, optimisation of products, services, processes, to increase competitiveness, improve working conditions, and environmental sustainability.These include industrial applications particularly within agricultural automation, precision agriculture and decision support, targeting technologies such as robotics, advanced sensors, field data analysis. These use-cases will cover complete industrial supply chains, including B2B, B2C, B2Goverment business chains, targeting the business need/opportunity within the forecasted market segments of; i) “Internet of Things in Connected Agriculture”, ii) “Big Data Analytics and related knowledge automation”, iii) Artificial Intelligence (AI), Data and Robotics;
IoT Cloud platforms and Automation Systems
Through our in-house OPC-UA automation platform, we will be able to solve advanced automation tasks in relation to cross-platform interoperability and mobile machinery.
• Novitek operates and maintains several IoT and Automation platforms, including:
• IoT Cloud Middleware. IoT Cloud enabled intelligent integrated autonomous HW/SW middleware for connecting and transforming data resources featuring automation & IT systems
• CLAFIS – Crop livestock and forest integrated solution (CLAFIS) for Agribusiness production and Marketability of agribusiness products, data and resources
• CLAFIS Gateway, OPC UA, for agricultural and industrial automation (CGW – OPC UA Gateway, I/O gateway bridge)

IoT Cloud Middleware

Novitek’s IoT Cloud provides intelligent integrated autonomous HW/SW middleware for connecting and transforming data resources featuring automation & IT systems.

Platform features:
A novel Integrated Automation System and platform for communication for agricultural and forestry solving data connectivity problems. The platform uses OPC UA and entailing automation standards for support of ISOBUS and non-ISOBUS end devices. A unique gateway link module has been developed.
• Novel enhanced HMI interactions, representations, to data, people and services, improving user-friendliness and easier operations, seamless integration of systems
• Provision of open common standard and related technology offering strong and versatile connectivity and integration architecture of IoT platform cloud services
• A platform providing standards for 3rd party developers for innovative agricultural products and services.
• Access to agricultural marketing information, and other resources across national borders,
• To serve as a tool for European-wide professional networking, for sharing experiences and best practices, including communication with staff, suppliers, retailers, consultants, customers and more