Automation and Control Systems


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We deliver client-oriented solutions, services and products in close cooperation with our clients, by utilizing efficient and agile methods that suits our customers and clients.  We provide technological solutions   across all disciplines and areas within all businesses including product development, product maintenance and servicing, and ultimately the development of your entire new digital business concepts.


Support for farm production and management activities


       Weather data collection and activities related to remote monitoring


Structural health monitoring 

Structural health monitoring related data and other data collection for remote analysis and monitoring of field devices, equipment, machines, etc


Monitoring processes at production sites and plants


Novitek’s automation and control solutions, and infrastructure for data connectivity and transfer can be integrated without limitations into all kinds/sorts of services and applications, technologies, platforms and infrastructure within the value chains of: energy systems including renewable energy, agriculture systems and supply chains, environment and climate, health, robotics, IT and material and productions


 Automation Matrix



Protocol converters and adapters support for process automation and control

Automation and Control Systems