Robotic and Autonomous Systems

Through our in-house OPC-UA automation platform, we will be able to solve advanced automation tasks in relation to cross-platform interoperability and mobile machinery. The agricultural- and food sector, including the primary production comprises major industries in Europe with outmost importance for the European economy




Our in-house RAS integration technologies offer the necessary input-output hardware-software Edge Communication Gateway (ECG) link and other distributed sensor networks formed by the robotic fleet. We utilize wireless connectivity infrastructure based on LoRaWAN, OPC UA, WIFI, Zigbee, BLE, cellular networks, including 5G/6G technology.



Through our in-house OPC-UA and LoRAWAN (LORA extended) automation platforms, we are able to solve advanced automation tasks related to cross-platform interoperability and robotics and autonomous systems. The agricultural and food sectors, including primary production, are major industries in Europe with utmost importance for the European economy.


Novitek provides the following support for RAS platforms and technologies: a) Communication and automation protocols and device interoperability standards. b) Interoperability and the use of adaptors to connect to legacy machinery, equipment, and other automation/robot systems via ISO-bus, CAN, OPC UA protocols.


We also provide a novel RAS security system based on cryptosystems, including an end-point cryptographic system for monitoring and automation data transfer through the Edge Communication Gateway module. This system ensures information authenticity, integrity, and confidentiality on the side of sensors and control devices (end-points). The cryptographic system design is closely linked with WP1 since its end-point part will be integrated into every sensor and control device using a special cryptographic process.

Robotic and Autonomous Systems