Novitek AgriXpress eCommerce and Digital Brokerage platforms

We offer specialized eCommerce solutions that support emerging B2B and B2C services, and new digital supply chains.

CALIS online. Marketability of agribusiness production, products, data and resources.

The eCommerce Marketplace Platform – is a marketplace hub for monitoring, control and marketability of Agribusiness products, services, data and resources that will serve as a communication tool for market related services such as supply and/or demand that impact domestic and/or international prices of inputs and/or outputs, enabling outreach to stakeholders and maximizing information dissemination whilst minimizing costs for services. We will deliver seamless B2C and B2B commerce platform that connect to service, marketing, and sales.

Novitek has been leading the European CALIS project on establishing novel agricultural e-commerce and supply chain system supporting and facilitating the emergence of completely new agro product value and supply chains, which by-passes the traditional chain of intermediaries and retail (which are time consuming and costly). Instead, the new value chains act highly dynamically, and enable direct sales from/of B2C, B2B and B2C services. The new supply chain models highly rely on integrated IT platforms for eCommerce, data driven analytics, process automation and connected IoT devices, and materials and production systems, as well as newly improved transport and logistics models helping/making last mile in food e-commerce sustainable and adapted to consumer needs while taking into account the economic reality.

CALIS is a platform providing standards for 3rd party developers for innovative agricultural products and services.

  • Access to agricultural marketing information, and other resources across national borders,
  • To serve as a tool for European-wide professional networking, for sharing experiences and best practices, including communication with staff, suppliers, retailers, consultants, customers and more
  • To improve real-time and on-site guidance and automatic tracking of processes and activities and tracing of agricultural products from cradle to grave.

The overall CALIS integrated system is designed to interact with field equipment and systems, and networks connected to both stationary and mobile devices such as PLCs, PCs and HMIs. This will be facilitated by making them accessible with other hand-held/mobile devices such as smartphones.