Crop livestock and forest integrated solution (CLAFIS)

Crop livestock and forest integrated solution (CLAFIS) is providing an effective platform for agribusiness actors seeking enhanced agribusiness production and Marketability of agribusiness products, effective utilisation of data and resources.

Features of the platform:

  • Management of Crop Activities.
  • Advanced agrometeorological services, dashboards and data integration
  • Automated data collection from Local Weather, Agro sensors.
  • Automated data integration from equipment, machinery and sensors Integration utilizing OPC UA IoT automation.
  • Agronomic Services
  • Data analytics and Decision support

The platform delivers detailed location based Agro meteorology services for agro producers and other agribusiness operators, based on historic and prognosis weather data fused with other relevant data sources.

The platform offers technologies for seamless sensor connectivity and data integration of Remote Sensing and Surveillance applications. Highly effective and versatile Field sensor connectivity is achievable through the use of Novitek’s CGW – OPC UA Gateway module.

Examples of Agriculture weather, Soil and Crop monitoring dashboards, for local cropping farms:

Local crop measurements

Local Weather measurements

Soil environmental and physical variables:

CGW – OPC UA Gateway module. Novel distributed sensor network technologies middleware (including technologies for wireless sensor networks and heterogeneous networks and Quality of services (QoS)) using a modular sensor middleware architecture for integration of heterogeneous devices and systems for handling modules for communication, data acquisition and processing, logging, servicing through a services layer, and managing and communication QoS.