Shipping Application and API solution


The Clafisol API framework provides a complete set of functionality for integration of the transport and logistics operations with your webshop or fleet management / logistics system. The core API modules include: Booking, inquiries, planning pick up locations, delivery locations, status and tracking, error handling, user management, reporting. Please contact us for further details. .


eCommerce platform API integrations


We offer an API framework which facilitates complete integration of the ukumum eCommerce platform.

Product information API: The product information API allows retailers to extract product information (product ID, product descriptions, full product titles, detailed product specs, product and brand images, pricing info, quantity-based discounts, etc.) from any shopping site or a global database of products.

Catalog API : The catalog eCommerce API helps retailers in creating, editing, and managing their catalogs of products. The API lets you update products within minutes and supports integration with other essential eCommerce systems such as point-of-sale, inventory control, and analytics and reporting.

Site search API : For massive eCommerce sites with a wide array of products and categories, the site search eCommerce API makes drilling down to a particular brand, model, or item less frustrating for your customers. The API also helps your visitors discover brands or products they may not even be aware of.

Login API : The login eCommerce API uses OAuth 2.0 and facilitates online retail business with identity management. It allows you to offer your customers the ability to log in to your eCommerce site using the systems they already use.

Cart API : The cart API enables retailers a peek into their customers shopping carts. Cart APIs let you integrate customer features that personalize the customer experience at checkout. These include discounts, coupons, and even B2B-centric attributes, such as invoicing and quote generation.

Payment API : The payment API ensures your site has a fully functional payment processing system.

Sales tax API : Sales tax laws vary by country, state, and sometimes even on the district level. With the sales tax API the customer gets charged the right sales tax amount every time.

Marketing automation API : The marketing automation API for the ukumkum eCommerce store enables customers email lists and segmentation depending on the items they purchased, the purchase amount, or their location and facilitates effective B2B eCommerce marketing automation.

Shipping API : The Clafisol shipping API integrates the Clafisol shipping and logistics system and shipping features directly to the eCommerce site, enabling full control of the shipping process. This includes automatic calculation of shipping rates and shipping times, creation od labels and tracking numbers etc.

Anti-fraud API : The anti-fraud API allows retailers to spot scammers before they do any financial damage to the business. It screens various elements of a transaction (e.g., proxy, geolocation, email, credit card, etc.) and flags orders that are potentially fraudulent.

Currency exchange rate API :  Accurate currency conversion is crucial.

The currency exchange rate API is based on the XE Currency Data API and the Open Exchange Rates API.


Farm management and Agricultural automation API integrations


The Farm management and automation API framework includes modules for Monitoring, Insights, Alerts, and precision tasks.

Monitoring: Based on the analysis of local sensor and machinery data, recent and historical satellite data, including local and geospatial weather and soil data this API will enable effective monitoring of your farm, crop fields, stables and facilities..

Precision tasks: The API will facilitate planning and execution of farm tasks, including precision agricultural automation tasks.

  • Advisory Information Controller
  • Basic Error Controller
  • Crop Controller
  • Crop Planning Controller
  • Farm Controller
  • Fertilizer Controller
  • Master Data Controller
  • Product Controller
  • Soil Type Controller
  • Supervisor Controller
  • Weather Controller
  • Weather Controller For Schedule Jobs


Farm decision support API integrations


This API module will enable effective integration of the Farm decision support system, by providing insights, alerts, visualizations, and data based on latest observations.

Insights : To have an excellent understanding of crop development and field-specific environmental effects like drought and water coverage, we provide text-based Insights with quantified ecological facts.  The system highly suitable for providing continuous updates on disease pressure, crop growth, crop health and phenological state of crop plants.

Alerts: Our alert mechanism informs you about vegetation stress in near real-time, even before visible impact on the field. Underperforming areas and identifiable damages get quantified and accurately mapped.